My name is Callum Donald Mathers. I am a record label manager and producer that is passionate about bringing our heritage to modern genres through high quality music production and the contemporary use of traditional instruments.

I founded Celtic Dance Music after over 20 years as a competitive piper, and the success of the BassPipes project in 2018. My role within the record label includes everything from recording, composing, producing, and performing, to marketing, stage design, teaching, and business development.

I am beyond excited to showcase our talents to the world. I could use a hand, though! This multifaceted series of projects could always use more producers, musicians, Gaelic speaking vocalists, and in-house team members.


If you would like to connect, doing so is simple. You can email me by clicking here, or you can visit me and introduce yourself on the Celtic Dance Music Discord server, at https://discord.gg/VdaNNy2yW5