Event Horizon: Celtic EDM Tune Analysis

Ever since experience electronic music, I have been thinking; I have heard things in this music that I recognize from my decades in Celtic music. The patterns, the scales, the excitement of new instruments or drums being added to the song; and I wanted to break that down in greater detail for you.

Nobody is listening to EDM to "Celebrate EDM"; electronic dance music is just a vehicle for celebrating what we already love; which is music; talent; a live experience; an emotional journey; and connecting artists with their fans.

Today I want to go over a track from Géza Frank & Jean Damei, called Pulsar.

An excerpt from their album, which is available to purchase here, or streamed on Spotify here:

"Event Horizon is a concept project devised by Géza Frank & Jean Damei at the centre of which stands a unique brand of music that fuses the group’s eclectic compositional styles with astrophysical and cosmological themes. The aim is to create a new sort of music, inspired by traditional Irish & Scottish music as well as electronic dance music and film music, which is evocative and descriptive of phenomena discovered during humankind’s eternal quest for a better understanding of the Universe. Their first album will feature 10 tracks inspired by cosmological and astrophysical themes such as "Photon Waves", "Runaway Stars", "Pulsars" and "Meteor Showers". Centering in around Géza Frank's and Jean Damei's virtuosic playing of their original compositions rooted within traditional Scottish and Irish music, producers Tyler Duncan, Jake Birch and Barry Reid respectively created the electronic soundscapes and beats to accomplish the opus and create a new type of music - elevating, danceable and inspiring."

I've made a video, going over Pulsar; let's get into the science of WHY you LOVE their music so much.

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