I'm Building A Stage!

I see geometric patterns in live show visuals all the time, with lots of sacred geometry; but never Celtic knotwork. This surprises me, it is some of the most beautiful linework out there.

I wanted to imagine how Celtic knots could be arranged to create mosaics, that could be projection mapped onto and lit up like so many awesome live show stages are, too.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

I want to build it to be 10x6ft panels, a 3x5 centrepiece, with a 2x10 top (approximately)

I have been working with designers to get each piece ready for cutting (we would likely use a laser cutting CNC or some other industrial sized routing tool with a fine bit for the best detail.

I looked into getting it built out of sculpted foam, but it was going to cost upwards of 50,000 CAD!


I volunteer at a local arts centre, where some of the community projection maps regularly, and has access to these AWESOME lightform projectors:

Can you imagine what this would look like? I sure can! I've already begun building the stage! My father has a great woodwork shop, and I took full advantage of it to start building the base layers of this stage decor.

While I have finished the base layer, there is so much more to be done!

I have the design files, and the backing layers, assembled and covered in a flat white laminate for projecting onto! Best of all, I made it modular, so that it fits right into my vehicle! Yes, all of that stage concept fits into my SUV.

More pictures to come! What do you think?

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