Valheim: An Inspired Cover

For those of you who don't know, Valheim is a game that was released on Feb 2 of this year, and features vikings foraging for raw materials and learning how to survive and thrive in nature.

From the time I logged on, I knew I had come across something special. There were details of our ancestry hidden in the game; memories, long lost, being experienced again as you pull flint from the creeks, hunt boar with crude bows, building thatch roofs for your fortifications, develop tools for mining copper and tin deposits; the list goes on.

My plan is to produce a track with old drums, drones, and horns, and choral textures to commemorate this game. I would love to hear the stories that you have experienced while playing Valheim, OR the stories you know of your ancestors.

How did they live? How did they thrive in their environment? What prized tools, weapons, and textiles did they create?

You will see some structure the the track by the end of this video. I would love to work with your submissions to create verses to be sung on the track!

Looking forward to hearing from you and reading all of the comments!

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