I grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada. I am a 5th generation Canadian, and my family have been involved in forestry for generations. My relatives lived close by for decades, just down the road, or around the Matsqui/Straiton/Abbotsford area.


 Some of my fondest memories are of our family reunions. They took place in the town hall that my grandfather built, across from the house that he also built. We have had up to 150 members of the family travel from Scotland and around the world to gather, and we would have logging games such as crosscut saw contests, axe throwing, and more. He had built a mobile log cutter/sawdust maker, and provide sawdust to the communities to keep their houses warm through the winter. We have it on display on our property, a testament to his ingenuity and his dedication to his community. 


I lived in the house he built until I was 3, before my father moved us to a 5 acre property just a couple miles away. He designed and built that house, too, carrying on that family tradition. His wood and metal workshop were the first things built. He cleared the land, planted gardens and lawns, created a recreational campsite, woodsheds, rock walls,....everything. 


Chores around a property such as that are as you would expect; clearing ditches, road building, chopping down trees, clearing trees after storms, loading up the woodsheds to keep us warm throughout the winter,...property improvements, always.


I have collected sonic memories of my childhood, and the sounds of my family's legacy in here. ( There may also be some uncouth recordings of the friends I did the audio sampling with, I profusely apologise if you find them rude, but I couldn't bring myself not to include them).


I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and you can add some organic textures to your next music projects with them.  They include things such as:




Woodcutting (Axe)

Wood chopping/Splitting


Tree felling

Railroad spikes

Various strikes of shop tools (percs)

Drones with various effects added to them to mix and accentuate shop tools such as bandsaws




Lumberjack Sample Pack

  • Zip folder, Approx 1.66GB of samples

    100+samples in .wav format.